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The UK's and World's leading supplier Mobility Hub Hardware & Infrastructure. Established for over 44 years, we have provided over 150,000 transport & mobility products to towns and cities throughout the World.


Trueform Manufacturing & Technologies Group are global leaders in the provision of hardware and integrated technology solutions for Smart City, public transportation, intelligent mobility, active travel, e-mobility, low and zero emission travel, clean-tech, telecommunications, digital advertising and digital display applications.


A pioneering British technology & manufacturing SME, Trueform provide custom manufacturing, technology and installation solutions for public spaces. Trueform develop and harness leading technology and advanced manufacturing techniques to create market leading products.


With over 40 years of experience and significant depth of knowledge and expertise gained internationally, Trueform have provided some of the largest and most successful cities and clients in the World with their supporting infrastructure and systems, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, New York, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto, Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.


Incorporating advanced design and manufacturing, pioneering digital display, communication, smart sensors, AI and IoT technologies, Trueform’s solutions enable the smarter, greener and more efficient movement of data, information, communications media and people around the World.


Trueform’s products transform urban landscapes into networks of dynamic, digital, hyper-connected, Smart City streetscapes.


Trueform works with its clients to build ultra-connected, highly intelligent, Smart City streetscape infrastructure for city streets and public spaces to provide powerful, media rich communication hubs which transform cities, communities and businesses.


Trueform’s clients include cities, transit agencies, outdoor advertisers and communication companies across the emerging digital transportation, out of home advertising and retail advertising sectors.


Trueform is a synthesis of creative designers, technologists, engineers, IoT, Smart City, AI and advanced manufacturing professionals. Our aim is to enrich the human experience with meticulously designed innovative products and technology, developed by creative thinkers that craft beautiful and compelling visions for a better way. We bring to bear focus and tenacity through the discipline and rigor of engineering and technology to realize these visions. As Trueform emerges into new markets it is committed to building what is needed for our times.


Trueform’s have over 150,000 deployments at premium locations in major cities throughout the World.

Our mission

Our mission is to accelerate and equip the World towards sustainable mobility. To harness the very best of design, innovation, technology and advanced engineering to provide award winning product, manufacturing and technology solutions that promote and facilitate

public transportation, personal mobility and digital display communications – to reduce our carbon footprint, improve air quality and protect the environment.





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Our vision

To be the leading public transport, personal mobility and digital display product and service provider. To connect public transport & commuters, residents and neighbourhoods, cities and citizens, the digital and physical worlds, people & information. To enrich the personal mobility experience with meticulously designed innovative technology, developed by creative thinkers that craft compelling visions for a better way. We bring to bear focus and tenacity through the discipline

and rigor of engineering and technology to realise these visions.

Contact our sales team who are on hand to offer product guidance and support

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