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Trueform has always provided social value and supports a wide agenda including:


Local Employment
We always look to use local labour for our contracts where possible. This provides economic and environmental benefits to the local area, reducing the carbon footprint of the project whilst giving local business and residents job opportunities and additional skill sets, providing them with any training and the skills necessary to carry out their role in a safe and competent manner.


We offer apprenticeships at local schools and colleges. We ensure appropriate training is provided to all, including the installation. activities, health and safety and manufacturing processes involved in the production of our products.


Schools, Colleges and Universities
We hold showcasing sessions or join in on community events, during which students / school leavers / unemployed are introduced to the business, the available career paths within the industry, and the opportunity to participate in the provision of products and services which provide significant benefit to the wider community.


Healthy Communities
Cities are undergoing definitive transitions toward a more digitized, decarbonized and resource-efficient future. Trueform is providing Cities globally with clean-tech and hardware solutions for sustainable growth and mobility powered by innovation.


Green solutions
We achieve this by harnessing the very best of design, innovation, technology and advanced engineering to provide award winning product, manufacturing and technology solutions that promote and facilitate public transportation, personal mobility and digital display communications to reduce our carbon footprint, improve air quality and protect the environment. Trueform see this as essential to counter the challenges posed by rapidly increasing urbanisation, public health and air pollution.


Sustainable Purchasing
At Trueform we encourage purchasing from environmentally friendly suppliers helping to promote greater environmental sustainability. We take measures to understand the impact our procurement activities have on local communities and explore the opportunities for developing appropriate contractual provisions to deliver specific community benefits.


Supporting the Arts
Art within public realms help to create a narrative that will resonate with local residents, workers and visitors alike. The structures can be a celebration of the local areas heritage, people and culture and tell a unique story, with the aspiration to create a lasting legacy that will continue to animate the place and bring people together.


Working with charities
We actively support and promote charities such as Cycling UK, Sustrans and Living Streets. Jonathan Morley, CEO of Trueform is also a director of Living Streets. These charitable organisations help to encourage active mobility by walking or cycling to pupils, staff and parents through fundraising events that create great incentives to improve health and reduce congestion.


In addition to this Trueform played a pivotal role in the campaign for ‘Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can live’, a digital out of home advertising activation in Europe, Middle-East and Africa to inspire people to join the world’s first voice petition to end malaria. An interactive digital screen provided by Trueform was placed in Lyon’s ‘Malaria Village’, in the middle of the Palais des Congrès (where the Global Fund Replenishment Conference takes place), engaging visitors with a Quividi-powered life-size DOOH version of the malaria AR filter.

We are also Business Plus Members of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust which makes efforts to monitor and conserve bumblebees and their habitat, something which we care passionately about by providing habitats for our endangered insects & wildlife with our green living roof shelters.


Supporting local businesses
Our aim is to ensure that our advertising opportunities add value and encourage a local vibrant economy. All local businesses need to raise awareness and encourage the public or business community know about their products and services. Outdoor advertising is a tried, trusted and cost effective advertising medium used by thousands of local businesses already - large and small - to increase business and drive growth.

Contact our sales team who are on hand to offer product guidance and support

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